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Education Services

Through a partnership with Valtep AI, we provide Educators, Employers, Government Agencies and more with access to a unique learning platform with cutting-edge AI, virtual reality, and data analytics solutions to reach more individuals and increase success rates.

Workforce Developement

TPG works in partnership with local elected officials and businesses to meet the workforce development needs in the state by maintaining a valuable workforce with employment, training, and educational resources. 

Technology Services

We provide one point of contact for an array of technology needs. Whether it be business support or community needs, we partner with companies around the world to bring the latest tech to serve any need you may have.

Project Management

TPG understands the planning and gathering of an organization's resources in order to move a specific task, event or duty toward completion.

Native American Advocacy

We understand the importance
of establishing partnerships with Tribal Nations and implementing programs for the advancement of Native American communities. The path to financial freedom is linked to education, health and opening economic opportunities on tribal lands.

Healthcare Services

We provide a range of healthcare services to support businesses, communities, and healthcare organizations. We provide medical staffing and telemedicine services.

Consulting & Evaluation

We provide evaluation services for local businesses, local governments, and federal programs and projects. We conduct rigorous evaluations using the latest statistical methods and software. In addition, we work with organizations to develop and implement strategies that foster inclusive workplaces, promote diversity, and drive systemic change. 

 Environmental Services

We offer a wide range of services and a wide variety of equipment for workplaces, schools, hospitals, or wherever decontamination and cleanup may be needed.

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